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Other Services

Our desire is that you’ll choose to honor your loved one in a way that allows you to have peace-of-mind years from now. Peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you did the best you could to honor their life. We know creating a ceremony that calls together the hearts and minds of all who loved them is a gift everyone involved…a gift of memories, a gift of healing, gift of a lifetime.

Other Services

  • Transfer to or from another Funeral Home
  • Funeral Services by your own Design
  • Graveside services at your chosen Cemetery

We can help you remember your loved one by customizing a service. We can provide a variety of options such as:

  • Memorial stationery
  • Special music (soloists, harpist, instrumentalists)
  • Catering
  • Balloon Release
  • Butterfly Release
  • Dove Release
  • Bagpiper
  • Military honors

Transportation Services

  • Horse drawn carriage
  • Vintage hearse
  • Traditional hearse

Memorial DVD – Forever capture your loved one on DVD with our Video Memorialization. We hope to celebrate the life of your loved one in this very special way.